I’ve been a creative professional for over 30 years with stints in publishing (and by publishing I mean as a paste up artist for a horse breeder’s journal. I kid you not.), retail advertising, corporate marketing and the ad agency business. I’ve filled the roles of illustrator, designer, writer, art director, creative director and an agency vice president. I know first hand what it means to “create on-demand” (thank you Todd Henry) everyday for a living. In 3 decades I’ve done my job well and I’ve failed miserably. It’s all part of the gig.

In October of 2007 I burned out. Deadlines, long hours and the lack of healthy boundaries brought me to the end of myself. After a long, horrible weekend I was admitted to the locked ward of a psychiatric hospital. I thought that this was how my story was going to end.

But by the grace of God and the help of many people, it wasn’t.

It took 8 days, 8 weeks and 8 months for me to find my way back from the dark place I had fallen into. I had many helpers, mentors and loved ones that took me by the hand (and sometimes by the scruff of the neck!) and led me to a better place. Burnout Sucks! is the story of that journey and what I learned (and continue to learn) along the way.

There is a way to be wildly creative and live to enjoy it.

The lessons learned on my journey have been distilled into 8 principles that I call the beHABITS! They’re not a secret formula. There’s no magic or slight of hand. They are a set of proven, universal principles that can help us avoid burnout or find the path out of it.

If any of this story resonates with you, then I’m glad you’re here. Take time to look around, learn and discover just how important your spark of creative potential is to the world. Contact me if I can be of help!

Photo by Emily Anne Photography

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