Jim Hough has presented to thousands of people in his 30 years as a creative professional. He now brings that experience to bear in a series of talks around the subject of burnout and learning to be wildly creative and living to enjoy it.

Topics include:

  • Overcoming fear and doubt
  • The connection between curiosity and creativity
  • How to infuse playfulness into everyday life and creating
  • Why “Multitaskeros” is a mythical beast
  • The importance of community in the creative life
  • What renewal looks like in the life of a creative
  • How having a grateful approach to life enhances our creative potential

Through humor, story telling and audience participation (not to mention some pretty compelling interpretive dance) Jim motivates audiences to consider a path that’s easy to follow and leads to a happier, healthier life of unique, creative contribution. (Ok, the dance thing is a lie)

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