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Burnout Sucks! is the cautionary tale of how burnout stalks the creative professional and the consequences that follow when we fail to notice the warning signs. But it’s also a story of hope and possibility. There is a way to be wildly creative and live to enjoy it. I know, because I’ve taken the journey there—and back again.

Burnout Sucks! is THE handbook for recovering from or avoiding creative burnout. My friend Jim Hough writes with absolute authority, having worked as a creative professional for over 30 years. His story is compelling, and the plan he offers is proven, practical, and might just save your life.

Kent Julian

Live It Forward!

The book centers around 8 principles I call the beHABITS! They were forged over the days, weeks, months and years since my own episode of complete burnout which landed me in the locked ward of a psychiatric hospital in the fall of 2007. My hope is that Burnout Sucks! will help other creative professionals avoid (or recover from) that dark place. There is hope to be had and a simple, proven system to follow. (And…there are pictures!)

Explore the beHABITS! before you buy the book:

Everyone, no matter your profession, can relate to the experience of (or fear of eventual) burnout. As a high school teacher, I know I have experienced this many times in the thick of the school year! This quick read gives very practical advice on how to implement changes in attitude and daily habits that will help keep burnout at bay. The author’s own story and experience with burnout has greatly influenced his writing and adds a layer of credibility to his words while making his story even more accessible to the reader. Highly recommended!

Christy Keating

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Jim Hough’s story of brokenness and self discovery is inspirational. His collection of life lessons and BE Habits is thoughtful and helpful. I liked his comparison of the match to a candle. We can all learn something from this quick read about nurturing our creativity. I recommend this book to all who feel pressured by their daily work routine.

Andrew H.

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